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Quirky App Of The Day: Contract Killer Zombies 2 Offers Hours Of Fun Exterminating Zombie Hordes

Quirky App Of The Day: Contract Killer Zombies 2 Offers Hours Of Fun Exterminating Zombie Hordes

December 7, 2012
I love playing zombie games. I'm an undeniable wuss, but there's something creepily satisfying in mowing down a horde of brainless brain-eaters. I've played several zombie games and watched friends play even more. Contract Killer Zombies 2 takes a little bit from several popular games.

First and foremost, I can't see a girl dropped in the middle of a zombie horde while looking for survivors without feeling some nostalgia for Resident Evil. The missions that run through all these underground labs only furthered those feelings. It's clear from the beginning of the game that these zombies were home-grown and all-organic brain-eaters. There are some severely deformed monsters in tubes, and the whole medic crew is infected. While the set up of the game reminded me of Resident Evil, the movement of the zombies in more similar to Left 4 Dead. I never truly feared zombies until I saw them tearing after me. In both Left 4 Dead and Contract Killer Zombies 2, these zombies shuffle around until you shoot at them or otherwise draw their attention. After that, you have their undivided attention and their intense hunger chasing after you. The gameplay is driven by missions. You can continue on the normal storyline, or you can complete a bunch of side missions as well. The normal missions are marked by a blue exclamation mark. The other missions have different icons to describe what type they are. The colors of the icon also indicate how difficult the level is. The game controls are simple. You move the camera with your right hand and move your character with your left hand. You don't need to worry about pushing a button to shoot. Just get the zombie in the crosshairs and the gun or melee weapon will automatically attack. Tap the ammo to reload and tap the arrows at the bottom to switch weapons. To keep you coming back for more, the game incorporates a daily bonus. As you come back day after day, you get more elaborate bonuses. After 15 days of completing a mission once a day, you get a katana sword. It's definitely a step up from your default baseball bat. You earn money in the form of silver and gold after each mission that you complete. There are also goals and side missions you can defeat to earn money as well. This money is what you use to upgrade your weapons and buy extras like grenades and medic kits. If you would rather have the good toys right up front, there are in-app purchases that you can buy. The app itself is free to download. It's also a universal app. Contract Killer Zombies 2 is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE! [gallery link="file"]

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