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Quirky App Of The Day: Find The Difference With CatchPlus

Quirky App Of The Day: Find The Difference With CatchPlus

December 3, 2012
CatchPlus is a game of finding the difference between two pictures. In the pictures there are subtle differences that you need to spot. However, you're not free to take your sweet time finding those differences. You have a timer that you're working against. There are three different modes to play through in CatchPlus. There's the classic mode, speed mode, and time attack mode. Each mode places different time constraints on your gameplay. Classic mode has four differences between the two pictures for you to find in a set amount of time. If your brilliant game strategy is to randomly tap around the screen until you hit a difference, then you'll be disappointed. Each wrong tap takes a chunk of your time away. It definitely pays to be patient and wait until you actually notice a difference. Speed mode is a test of how fast you can clear 10 stages. Each stage has its own timer, and there are four objects to find. Then, there's an overall timer that keeps track of how long it takes to get through all 10 stages. Your overall score is the one that you're trying to beat. If your time runs out on any stage, you have to start over. Time attack gives you 90 seconds to get through as many pictures as you can. You only have to find one thing wrong in each picture. If time runs out for that particular picture, you're given a new picture to look at until you come to the end of your 90 second allotment. Do you want to use your own photos for CatchPlus? You can upload your photos to their page on Facebook, and they will use them as new pictures in their updates. You can see just how well you know your own pictures. CatchPlus is compatible with the iPhone and the iPad. Although it's not a universal app, it is free. So, you can download the app to both iDevices without worrying about having to pay extra. CatchPlus is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!

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