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Quirky App Of The Day: The Cranks Pull Out Some Epic Pranks

In a small town called Crankyville, the citizens have a distaste for new people and want nothing to do with their housewarming party. It sounds like my sort of town. Regardless of this town's chilly regard for them, one family has decided to go ahead and move in. They have made it their personal mission to change how Crankyville responds to newcomers. The Cranks is the story of how the young boy in the new family pranks the city to avenge his family of the neighbor's cruelty.


This young man means business. He will fry, crush, and humiliate these rude neighbors to make his point. He will have them begging to meet his family if it means that he puts an end to his pranking. You start the game with three different people that you can prank. There's a coach, a construction worker, and a rock band. It doesn't matter which one you start with. You have six pranks to set up in each level. You pick up objects that are glowing by tapping on them, and they go to your inventory. As you tap around the rooms, you'll see certain objects light up and display their name. These are the objects that you use for pranking. Move items from your inventory to the lit up item on the screen to set up a prank. Here's a hint: The objects are things that the people usually interact with. So, if you see them going back and forth from object to object, those are the things that you need to prank. That should save you some time from randomly tapping around the screen. The trick is to set up these pranks without the people in the level getting too close to you. If they get too close, they'll tease you, beat you, and humiliate you. You'll lose one of your three lives. Once you lose your lives, you'll have to start the level over again. You can use the coins you get after completing each level to buy more levels, hints, or health. You can also buy more of these coins through in-app purchases. The app is universal, so your purchases will transfer to both devices. What's your best prank? The Cranks is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE! [gallery link="file"]
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