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The iPhone 5S: Multiple Colors, NFC Support And A June Release?

Apple’s next handset, code-named the iPhone 5S, could come in multiple colors and include NFC support. Also, it may arrive in June, according to Business Insider. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek noted that the next iPhone could include a number of new features when it arrives next year. Among them: a new “super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC,” or near field communications. Misek also expects the iPhone 5S to launch in multiple colors for the first time. Apple’s current generation iPod touch comes in five colors, including blue, pink, and (Product) Red. The analyst’s most interesting point is that Apple will launch the next iPhone in June. Prior to the October 2011 launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple had always used summer to launch new handsets. The fall schedule continued with this year’s iPhone 5, which launched in September. Business Insider notes that Misek’s predictions aren’t always right. For example, the analyst predicted that Apple would launch a television this year, which they did not. However, Misek did correctly predict the iPhone 4S. This isn't the first (or certainly the last) set of iPhone 5S rumors. Last month, Digitimes suggested that Apple's seventh generation handset would arrive in mid-2013. Earlier this month, another site published what they claimed were the first photos of the new device. As you would expect, we'll keep you updated. Source: Business Insider Photo: Apple
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