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Today's Best Apps: Claytopia, LightDV, Noted And More

The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday.


LightDV - HD Video Camera by Appdotmark, LLC ($0.99, 5.5 MB): Bringing a more personal or professional look to your videos, this SD and HD camcorder app has a few really nice enhancement features. Along with LED light and focus control, you can apply and change any one of the dozens of real-time effects on-the-fly. add music, plus overlay a signature image or text as well as a time stamp. Both signature and time stamp offer corner position, opacity, and size preference settings.

SplataGory by Willson Software (Free, 8.3 MB): In this variant of Scattergories, you must quickly determine the name of popular objects, titles, characters, and more from various categories. Points deplete as time elapses and each incorrect letter guess results in a bug explosion. The game continues until no bugs remain.

Noted. by Cecilia Zhang (Free, 1.1 MB): Even though it's as simple and quick as the iOS Notes app, this memo tool is even more functional with support for embedding images, password protecting individual notes, and synchronization via Dropbox.


Wordgenuity Jumble Quotes by Joshua Seales ($0.99, 16.8 MB): A very tough challenge awaits in this jumbled letter word game. After being given a board of blank spaces and the contained letters, attempt to guess each word of the quote until it is complete. The game features nine categories, plus an everything group, with 30 puzzles each.

Claytopia by FrameJam ($0.99, 44.2 MB): Interactive claymation comes to iOS in the form of a neat platformer. Take control of a brave inhabitant of Claytopia to save the moldable world from an unknown threat. The journey will be tough, but you can squish, split into two smaller clay people, and more to get through the puzzling labyrinth of hazards. There are 55 levels to conquer throughout six environments with Game Center achievements and stars to earn.

Goop Escape by Brighten Technologies, LLC (Free, 28.9 MB): Stimulate your mind in this adorable and challenging puzzle game. Strategically move the goops to the exits in the least amount of actions and as quickly as possible. The game features beautiful and colorful 3-D graphics, fun music and sounds, six environments, 72 levels, and Game Center integration.

Moto Madness - 3d Motor Bike Stunt Racing Game by Abdul Qadir ($0.99, 30.1 MB): Satisfy your need for speed by in a fast-paced and action-packed endless driving experience. Hop on your high-performance racing bike and weave through dynamically generated traffic while collecting money for custom paint jobs and nitro for greater speed. The ultimate goal is to travel as far as possible without colliding into other vehicles.

GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure by National Geographic Society (Free, 163.4 MB): From National Geographic comes a fun and educational platformer for all ages. Geo the robot is on a mission of discovery across the Savannah and other habitats. While exploring, help Geo collect food, the key to the next level, and animal information cards. On every card, you can learn all kinds of facts, jokes, and more about each exciting animal. The game includes dozens of levels for hours of enjoyment.

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