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Top Three Must Have Games This Week

After spending all week reviewing accessories, it's time to get back to basics with the hottest new games of the week. Today we're looking at Draw Something Pro, Team Awesome, and Freeze!. Draw Something Pro is just like the original but made specifically for iPad. With the Pro version you'll also have access to unlimited bombs, added free gameplay and lots of color packs at no extra charge. Is it too little too late? Watch the show to find out. Team Awesome gets our vote for coolest game of the week, that's for sure. Fly and jump through each level while attempting to complete each task. It's kind of like Jetpack Joyride with an awesome spin. Freeze! takes the place as our official AppAdvice Game of the Week. It's a challenging puzzle game that has lots of eye-gouging fun. Also, don't forget to check out our sponsor this week, Infinity Run 3D, it's free in the App Store now.
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