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Walmart Offering Great Deals On The iPhone 5, iPhone 4S And Third Generation iPad

If you’re still looking to purchase an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or third generation iPad this holiday season, I’ve got some words of advice for you: go to Walmart. The ubiquitous discount chain is today offering the 16GB iPhone 5 for $127, over $70 less than its on-contract retail price. The price of an on-contract iPhone 4S has also been slashed to $47, down from $89.97. But probably the best deal is for iPad buyers. You can snag a 16GB third generation Wi-Fi tablet for just $399, $100 off its retail price. And if you can wait to make your purchase until Monday, Walmart will also throw in a free $30 iTunes gift card. All of these deals are only available today at Walmart retail locations and not online. Target is also planning to cut the price of Virgin Mobile’s prepaid iPhone 4S from $449.99 to $399.99 starting Sunday. The deal will be avialble at Target Mobile locations. With the prepaid handset, there is no contract, and plans start at just $35 a month. Source: Walmart Via: 9to5Mac
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