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CES 2013: Looptworks Offers A Beautiful iPad Case From Reused Leather

I don’t think excess material has ever looked this good. Looptworks, a manufacturer based in Portland, Ore., is upcycling material to create some great looking accessories being shown off at CES 2013. First up, the Shaxi iPad case and stand is made from excess leather that is created as scrap in a typical tannery. And it takes a lot of work to turn it into a case. The bulk material is gathered by Looptworks, organized by color, and then size. The pieces are then pressed out to get rid of creases. Finally, the material is cut into uniform rectangles and resewn into the case that can hold an iPad 2 and up. A full-flap closure has a magnet at the tip to securely protect the tablet. Folded in reverse, the solution turns into a typing stand. Available in black or brown, the Shaxi case is $80 and can be ordered directly through Looptworks. The company also offers a unique envelope case for iPad mini owners. The Shan is made of upcycled material from a wetsuit factory. The nylon neoprene has been transformed into a padded sleeve. A brushed nylon liner adds another layer of interior protection. The Shan is available in four different color combinations and costs $24 through Looptworks. There are also versions of the sleeve that fit 10-inch and 13-inch laptops. You can find the complete line of limited edition clothing and accessories on the company's site. [gallery]
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