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IDEO Founder David Kelley Talks About Longtime Friend Steve Jobs In '60 Minutes'

IDEO Founder David Kelley Talks About Longtime Friend Steve Jobs In '60 Minutes'

January 7, 2013
IDEO founder David Kelley is the subject of an excellent profile in this week's "60 Minutes." Interestingly, the profile is nearly as much about Steve Jobs as it is about Kelley himself. And that's hardly surprising, considering that Jobs was a longtime friend and colleague of Kelley's. Kelley's company helped designed the Apple III, Lisa, and the first Apple mouse. But more importantly, Kelly maintained a close personal relationship with the legendary Apple co-founder and CEO. You can watch the "60 Minutes" feature on Kelley in the video below. The bits about Jobs and Apple are shown near the three-minute and eight-minute marks. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In the video, "60 Minutes" journalist Charlie Rose asks Kelley what the biggest misconception about Jobs is. Kelley answers:
I think the misconception is around … that he was kind of … like malicious. He was like trying to be mean to people. He wasn't. He was just trying to get things done … Anyways, you just had to learn how to react to that.
Kelley then asserts that Jobs "did some lovely things for me in my life." One of these things is being introduced by Jobs to his wife, Kc Branscomb. Another is being helped by Jobs when both he and Jobs were suffering from cancer. And on a more cheerful note, yet another "lovely" thing is being given by Jobs an iPhone the day after the device was announced. How's that for the perks of being Steve Jobs' friend? Source: CBS News Via: The Verge

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