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Netbot Gains Private Messaging Feature, Goes Free To 'Spur' Adoption Of

Netbot, which is to as Tweetbot is to Twitter, has just received a new update. But that's not the real news here. After all, the update brings nothing more than support for private messages. Besides, Felix was the first client for iOS that added private messaging, which was introduced to the premium social network itself in December last year. Rather, the real news here is that, right after receiving said update, Netbot has gone absolutely free. Yes, from its regular price of $4.99 for either of its iPhone and iPad editions, Netbot is now available to download without charge. In a post to its official account, Netbot developer Tapbots says that it decided to make Netbot free in a bid to "spur adoption of" [caption id="attachment_378442" align="aligncenter" width="740"] Netbot developer Tapbots on[/caption] Note, though, that the free offer is valid "for an unspecified period of time." So, if you're an subscriber, make sure to get Netbot for iPhone and Netbot for iPad now, before the free offer expires. Released in early October last year, Netbots was reviewed quite favorably here on AppAdvice, if only for its similarity to the acclaimed Tweetbot. It was also included in AppAdvice's App Showdown for iPhone apps, along with Felix and Rivr. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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