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Belkin, LEGO Announce Partnership To Create Buildable iOS Device Cases

Belkin, LEGO Announce Partnership To Create Buildable iOS Device Cases

February 11, 2013
News like this really makes my Monday. Belkin has just announced a multi-year licensing partnership with The LEGO Group to create accessories for mobile devices. Starting this spring, Belkin will launch a variety of cases with LEGO bricks for a “buildable” experience. Designed for LEGO fans of all ages, the initial products will focus on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPod touch:
“The LEGO company is a renowned global brand, synonymous with quality, design and most importantly, fun,” said Patrick Sullivan, director of product management at Belkin. “This partnership opens up a whole new audience for Belkin and we are extremely excited to work together on a line of cases based on iconic LEGO toys that will inspire creativity and promote individuality in people of all ages.”
While this isn’t the first attempt to combine iOS devices and LEGO bricks together, I’m thrilled that The LEGO Group and Belkin are teaming up to produce authorized products. At CES 2013 last month, SmallWorks was highlighting the pictured BrickCase that allows users to add LEGO bricks to an iPhone and iPod touch case. The U.K. website the Daily Brick also did a spectacular job with a DIY iPhone 5 dock made from 42 LEGO bricks. The $19 dock doesn’t come with a Lightning cable, but its still one of my favorite iPhone 5 accessories so far.

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