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Detangle Your Life With Cord Cruncher Earbud Headphones

Detangle Your Life With Cord Cruncher Earbud Headphones

February 21, 2013
Every earbud owner knows that tangled cords are something we all have to deal with right? Wrong! Today we are checking out the Cord Cruncher Earbud Headphones that are designed to never get tangled. Store them away and when you are ready to use them, extend them from their plastic sheath and you're ready to go. They quickly extend and retract, making them easy to store and use at any time. Watch the show to see what makes them hot, not so hot and most importantly, find out whether you should buy them. While they produce some pretty great sound for their price point, there are some better, more expensive units available. So if you like the Cord Cruncher and their price point, we suggest you use them with Rondo, an app that amplifies your earbuds to make them sound like they are the best pair you've ever used, even if they're not.

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