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Evasi0n Download Statistics Prove That The Jailbreak Community Is Alive And Well

Evasi0n Download Statistics Prove That The Jailbreak Community Is Alive And Well

February 5, 2013
I never thought that the jailbreak community was dying, but it's been very quiet over the past few months. Yesterday, the Evad3rs released the untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 6 devices. Evasi0n proved to be one of the most anticipated jailbreak releases to date. The Evasi0n website had nearly 3 million unique visitors in five days. If that wasn't impressive enough, as of today, the iOS 6 jailbreak tool has been downloaded over 1.7 million times. Jay Freeman (saurik) recently discussed these amazing download statistics with Forbes:
In its first six hours online, the crack had already been used at least 800,000 times, according to Jay Freeman, administrator of the Cydia appstore for jailbreakers, and he says that’s a conservative estimate–his count was fouled up when the tsunami of traffic knocked his server offline several times over the course of the jailbreak’s first day online. By Tuesday his count was up to 1.7 million.
If you think about those statistics, Evasi0n was downloaded about 1,200 times a minute. It looks like there’s no shortage of jailbreak enthusiasts in the world. If you’re planning on jailbreaking your iOS 6 device, be sure to check out our tutorials for the iPhone/iPod touch, or iPad/iPad mini. For all of the beginners, we’ve put together a list of must-have tweaks for your liberated iOS device. If you're still having trouble accessing Cydia, you'll have to keep trying. Jay Freeman recently addressed Cydia's loading issues and changes have been made to fix the problem. Source: Forbes Via: iDownloadBlog

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