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Get Ready For Cartoons Featuring The Angry Birds

If you’re tired of the constantly growing Angry Birds phenomenon, I’ve got some bad news for you. While talking with The Wall Street Journal, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed said the company is planning to launch short cartoons this spring featuring those always Angry Birds and their archenemies the pigs. And in the interview, the Rovio top bird suggested that the cartoons wouldn’t appear where you would think – like on a TV network. The distribution of the series will be unique:
“The content itself is the channel,” said Mr. Hed. “We have become the channel.”
And TechCrunch speculates that Hed is hinting the cartoons will be pushed through to the substantial stable of Angry Birds apps that can be found pretty much everywhere these days. Rovio purchased an animation studio in 2011, and there are now more than 70 employees in the group. Hed tasked the division with some high standards, including turning a profit and creating timeless cartoon characters like the Road Runner.
"I told them 'whatever you do, please make an animated series people will still want to watch 50 years from now," he said. Mr. Hed has said he wants to develop Rovio into a fuller scale entertainment company, using the popularity of Angry Birds as a cornerstone on which to build.
A full-length movie is also planned for 2016. Click here to see some of the work Rovio’s animation studio is already producing, like the pictured scene from the cinematic trailer of Angry Birds Star Wars. Source: The Wall Street Journal Via: TechCrunch
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