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Love Is In The Air With The Latest Via.Me Update

Love Is In The Air With The Latest Via.Me Update

February 13, 2013

Did you realize that Valentine’s Day is tomorrow? Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that there will be love in the air. And it will surprise no one that a lot of photos will be taken of couples, friends, or that new fling just for the holiday. So what better way to celebrate than with Via.Me’s latest update?

But wait, what exactly is Via.Me? It is a micro photo sharing service that is most similar to Instagram, but it has the extra bonus of being able to upload sound clips as well. Yeah, take that, Instagram!

I’ve used Via.Me before, but not as much as I would have liked. It started out with just photos, where you can also apply various filters to your images and share them with others, but it has expanded since then. Now, in addition to just filters, you can even add various borders, stickers, and frames. I don’t often record sound, but it’s nice to have that option as well. I liked Via.Me’s clean, elegant interface, and it’s incredibly responsive to user touch.

And with Valentine’s Day here so soon, Via.Me has included a little something to celebrate the romantic holiday. The most recent update to the slick little app includes a brand new Valentine’s Day sticker pack, so you can decorate your photos with passionate symbols and share them with your loved one(s). Stickers include cute hearts, roses, “I ♥ YOU,” kisses, delicious looking chocolate dipped strawberries, and more. Basically everything that represents the holiday will be found in the form of a sticker, so go wild! Get in the cheesy, sappy spirit! You only get one day a year to be this corny, after all.

The update also includes some optimizations to app performance, so things should be running as smooth as ever.

The app and update is available for free, so if you want to get in the V-Day spirit with your special someone, make sure to download the app in the App Store.

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