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Today's Best Apps: ShowScoop Concerts, Motlee, Weather Magic And Crosswords

Today's Best Apps: ShowScoop Concerts, Motlee, Weather Magic And Crosswords

February 19, 2013
The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday.


Motlee by Flashbulb, LLC (Free, 5.0 MB): Everyone has their own story and perspective at events, and now you can experience them all in one easy to follow place using this Facebook-powered crowd-sourced photo sharing app. Once an event is setup and active, guests can quickly and easily contribute photos and comments that will stay within the group, i.e., a private event, or can be posted on Facebook walls. Along with name as well as start and end times, events can include a guest list and invitations to Facebook friends, location, and the aforementioned options of privacy.

ShowScoop Concerts by Micah Smurthwaite (Free, 10.0 MB): Come together with other music lovers using this concert-goer companion app to help create the best live show experiences. Specifically, you'll leave reviews regarding each concert experience containing an overall description, photos, and ratings for stage presence, crowd interaction, sound quality, and visual effects. Not only does this provide insight into the band, but venues and fans as well. The app does require a Facebook account, allows commenting on reviews, as well as includes a profile page for stats and follower management.


Weather Magic Pro - Live Weather & World Clock by Finggs ($0.99, 48.5 MB): This clock and weather app will allow you to stay up-to-date on Mother Nature's actions through a virtual window that works perfectly on your counter, nightstand, or end table. In addition to current conditions, including satellite and radar imagery, you'll be informed of severe weather alerts as well as what to expect in the upcoming hours and days. An ad-supported trial version is available with a limit of two locations, no map imagery, and widget restrictions.

Crosswords Pro :-) by Devarai ($2.99, 30.2 MB): Entertain yourself and exercise your mind by playing this classic casual word game. There are two packages with a total of 190 puzzles to complete in addition to a fresh weekly puzzle, each offering a board that can be panned, the option of typed or virtual pencil written letters, and a retractable keyboard. A free version is available that only has the weekly and one packaged puzzle initially unlocked, others will be playable when earlier ones are completed.

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