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Today's Best Apps: Up In Flames, Real Racing 3, Bobbing And More

The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday.


Lexmee by Hidden Elephant (Free, 38.5 MB): Word search and crosswords collide to create one difficult puzzle game. For each of the 20 differently sized and configured boards, your task is to find all of the words on the list. Providing a little help, the list is alphabetized by the first letter of each word, displays word length, and contains some pre-filled letters. If you require further hints, Gadgets can be purchased using honey to reveal more letters, extend time, etc. There are honey jars hidden in the puzzles and available through the in-game store.


Furfur and Nublo by DevilishGames ($0.89, 25.0 MB): In this quirky and dark platform puzzler, we have two odd creatures, Furfur and Nublo, which need to reach an interdimensional portal. You will need to assist them in a tag team-style of gameplay that involves Nublo being a helpful stepping stool for Furfur, who can't overcome gravity like Nublo. The control swapping mayhem will last through 46 time-graded levels.

Bobbing by Little Bobby ($0.89, 37.6 MB): Here's an action-platformer that literally puts a spin on gameplay. Instead of progressing horizontally, you'll face the challenge of navigating a ball through fast-paced circular areas with the added difficulty of properly controlling gravity, the changing of ball color to breach certain barriers, and avoiding hazards, such as lava, while striving to collect all of the orbs. The game features more than 80 levels, an electrifying soundtrack, retro arcade graphics, and Game Center integration. A trial version is also available.

Up In Flames™ by Chillingo Ltd ($0.99, 46.9 MB): A courageous little dragon turns up the heat in this quirky physics puzzler. Baff may not be an actual superhero, even with the cape and mask, but his fire breathing ability is potent enough to destroy the evildoers who've captured his friends. Excitingly, you get to control this power. In each level, strategically launch fireballs to knock over the cages, burn away the crates, torch those mean wolves, and so on. The game features more than 75 levels, star rating system, adorable hand-drawn graphics, a bouncy soundtrack, and Game Center integration.

Penumbear by Bulkypix ($1.99, 253.3 MB): Placed in a strangely lit castle basement, you take the role of Penumbear, who's accompanied by a friendly firefly. While navigating the stone constructed labyrinth, utilize the luminescent bug to change the color of lights that block the path of escape. This platform-puzzler features stick and retro arcade-style graphics, 100 levels, and Game Center integration.

AVP: Evolution by Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc. ($4.99, 406.0 MB): The AVP war spills onto your iDevice in an action-packed third-person shooter. Pick your side, alien or predator, and battle it out until only one species survives. The game features multiple environments, close combat fighting, upgradeable characters, high quality 3-D graphics, and dramatic cutscenes.

Toy Story: Smash It! by Disney ($0.99, 45.6 MB): Immersed in an 3-D block breaking-style adventure, help Buzz and the rest of Toy Story gang take down the problematic aliens. Get that throwing arm, errr, finger, ready to strategically throw powerful bouncy balls at blocks to knock them over and send those little green guys running back to their ships. Do it in the least amount of throws to earn the most stars. The game features great 3-D graphics, 60 levels spanning four marvelous environments, multiple gameplay elements, and star rating system.

Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts (Free, 682.9 MB): The highly anticipated second sequel to Firemint's amazing racing simulation game is finally here. Alongside even more mouthwatering super high performance vehicles from real manufacturers and meticulously detailed graphics, this entry of the series now incorporates real courses, Facebook integration, and offers less robotic opponents by using AI-assisted "Time Shifted Multiplayer."

King Cashing 2 by Productions Multimage Inc. ($2.99, 105.9 MB): The King is back and it's time to give looting another spin. While still flaunting the unique slot machine battle mechanism, this sequel contains an easier to follow and manage RPG system that's more appealing for non-RPG fans, plus great new content. The game currently has three volumes, 55 enemies, and 120 weapons to experience in a comic book-style setting as well as Game Center integration.


Slingshot Puzzle HD by Alawar Entertainment, Inc ($1.79, 156.2 MB): This meticulously crafted puzzle game will both amaze and challenge you. Place the tabletop-style unit before you and take a moment to plan your shot. The goal is to collect all of the diamonds and reach the hole in three shots or less. At first, things will be quite simple. However, soon you'll be confronted with plenty of obstacles, hazards, and mechanical doodads that can both help and hurt your efforts. The game features seven beautifully rendered antique 3-D environments containing more than 125 levels as well as Game Center integration.

Pangolin HD by Feedtank LLC ($1.99, 75.2 MB): One of those attention catching change-ups to the genre, this physics-based puzzler requires you to control the environment rather than the character. Specifically, you'll need to create a limited number of temporary trampolines to bounce an unnamed small creature through curvy, maze-like areas until the little fella reaches the target. The challenge involves completing 50 increasingly difficult levels, which become exponentially tougher if you attempt to collect all of the coins, along with the struggle to achieve milestones and climb up the Game Center leaderboards. A trimmed down iPhone version is available as a free download.

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