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Wunderlist 2 To-Do List Manager Launches On iPad

Wunderlist 2 To-Do List Manager Launches On iPad

February 14, 2013
The team at 6Wunderkinder has announced the immediate availability of Wunderlist for the iPad, and iPad mini. Launched initially for the iPhone/iPod touch in December, the free app helps users manage, and share daily to-do lists. Wunderlist 2.05 includes:
  • Activity Center - The Activity Center provides you with a complete overview of all your Wunderlist activity within the app itself. It is easy to see who has sent you an invite, who has accepted an invite and who has made any edits to a lists etc.
  • Notifications - In addition to the Activity Center you can further customize the way you want to be kept informed. Depending on your preference you can also receive updates via push or email notifications.
  • Sharing - Thanks to the integration of your iPad’s Address Book and Facebook account all your contacts are just a couple of clicks away.
  • Reminder, Recurring tasks and Subtasks - The Detail View includes Reminders, Recurring tasks and Subtasks, as well as Notes. Even more features will be added here in the near future.
The latest version of Wunderlist debuts as the number of users have jumped by 500,000 since the end of 2012. In total, there are now 3.5 million registered Wunderlist users. During the past eight weeks, users have created 3.4 million lists and 20 million tasks using the platform, according to Christian Reber, founder and CEO of 6 Wunderkinder.

From the 6Wunderkinder blog, an important note:
This app can be found as “Wunderlist” in the App Store. It does not replace the original “Wunderlist HD” app on your iPad. If you are using Wunderlist HD on your iPad, please make sure to first synchronize your account. If you are using Wunderlist HD without an account, make sure to register first in Wunderlist HD. Otherwise, you could lose your data. After registering in Wunderlist HD, you can log into the same account in Wunderlist 2 and find your data.
Wunderlist is available for download here.

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