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Gogo, Apple: iOS Devices Dominate In-Flight Internet Use

Gogo, Apple: iOS Devices Dominate In-Flight Internet Use

March 8, 2013
Apple reigns supreme even at 36,000 feet, says commercial in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo. According to a new set of "stratosphere stats" announced by Gogo, Apple's iPhone makes up 73 percent of all mobile phones used to access the service's in-flight Internet. Android smartphones account for 26 percent, while BlackBerry and Windows phones account for less than 1 percent. Gogo's new numbers also reveal that Apple's iOS dominates the mobile operating system field among the clouds. Going head to head with Android, Apple commands 84 percent of the field, with Android getting a 16 percent share. But Android appears to be gaining momentum, considering that it had only a 3.2 percent share in 2011. Among all iOS devices connected to Gogo's service, 59 percent are iPads while 36 percent are iPhones. The remaining percentage comprises iPods. Apple is also seen as the leader among Web browsers up in the air. According to Gogo, Safari is the top in-flight browser, followed by Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Apparently, browser use is determined by Gogo across phones, tablets, and laptops, which now account for 32, 35, and 33 percent, respectively, of devices connected to in-flight Internet. Gogo's in-flight Internet service is available on all domestic AirTran Airways and Virgin America flights and on select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines and US Airways flights. Gogo maintains a universal iOS app called Gogo Inflight Internet. The app, which is available in the App Store for free, offers quick and easy sign-in to Wi-Fi on a Gogo-equipped flight. Via: CNET

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