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Google’s Field Trip Lands In The App Store

Google’s Field Trip Lands In The App Store

March 7, 2013
Google continues to impress me with its iOS apps. Today, the location-based Field Trip has hit the App Store. Running in the background, think of Field Trip as an always-on tour guide. When you near an interesting location, you’ll be notified. And if you have a headset connected, it will even read the information out loud. Along with teaching about local history, Field Trip can also show you the best places to eat, shop, and have fun. For example, if you walk by a historical landmark, the app will show you information from Arcadia and Historvius. You also don’t have to walk around to use the app. Field Trip can automatically detect when you’re driving and talk about interesting places and experiences around a location. To add a social component, you can share an interesting place through email, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. And if you forgot where that special place was located, you can easily find it in the Recent section. Field Trip is designed for the iPhone. It can be downloaded in the App Store now for free. You can learn more about the app here. [gallery link="file"]

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