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Harlem Shake Craze Invades iOS With This Hilarious Jailbreak Tweak

Harlem Shake Craze Invades iOS With This Hilarious Jailbreak Tweak

March 13, 2013
If you ask me, the Harlem Shake meme, which began its rise toward viral video sensation status last month, has long overstayed its welcome. I am no fan of this craze, obviously. But if I were to pick a favorite among the gazillion Harlem Shake iterations so far, it would definitely be the new Harlem Shake jailbreak tweak. Just like death and taxes, this was inevitable. But I'm honestly surprised that someone thought of doing it just now. And that someone is iOS developer Filippo Bigarella. Bigarella has just released a new Harlem Shake jailbreak tweak that, as you might have already guessed, makes an iDevice do the Harlem Shake. Specifically, it makes an iDevice's home screen or lock screen do the Harlem Shake. As expected, it's stupid, it's crazy, and it's hilarious. See and hear for yourself: If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Our friends over at notes that the Harlem Shake jailbreak tweak is …
… used by invoking an Activator action of your choice, such as double tapping on the Status Bar. After several seconds of doing the Harlem Shake, your home screen or lock screen will return to normal. During the animation process, things can get crazy, but you can still unlock your device or launch applications while the animation occurs!
If you'd like to have some riotous Harlem Shake fun with your jailbroken device, go ahead and get the tweak now. Compatible with iDevices on iOS 6, the Harlem Shake tweak is available now in Cydia's BigBoss repository for free.

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