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Have A Sense Of Huemore: Curious Satellite Launches 'Colorful' iPhoneography App

Have A Sense Of Huemore: Curious Satellite Launches 'Colorful' iPhoneography App

March 14, 2013
First came Hueless. Now, here comes Huemore by Curious Satellite. No kidding. Curious Satellite has indeed come up with a follow-up to Hueless, and it's really called Huemore. Which, when you think about, makes a lot of sense. You see, Hueless is an app dedicated to black-and-white photography. In contrast, Huemore is an app dedicated to color photography. Huemore actually looks a lot like Hueless. Curious Satellite has apparently taken the interface of Hueless and adopted it for Huemore. And just like Hueless, Huemore offers a great deal of features to fulfill its purpose. Huemore is equipped with a live exposure control slider, a live contrast adjustment slider with contrast balance, and a live color saturation control slider. It also provides standard live color filters plus a custom live color filter. Notice the presence of the descriptor "live" in each feature mentioned so far. To be sure, that's not there just for show. Rather, it signifies that all image adjustments are applied live and in real time. In other words, Huemore, just like Hueless, doesn't post-process images. Huemore also supports custom presets, which you can easily launch using Launch Center Pro. Furthermore, it lets you share your preset image adjustment formulas with other Huemore users via email, Twitter, and Facebook. Huemore's other key features include:
  • Variable aspect shooting: 4:3 (full frame), 3:2, 1:1 & 2.39:1 (cinema) aspects any time, with a pinch of the live preview
  • Rule of Thirds, Architectural and 1:1 dynamic alignment grids.
  • Geotag your photos: Turn geotagging ON and OFF in the iOS Settings Huemore pane
  • HIGH ISO mode for expanded low-light performance (on supported hardware)
  • "Quick Review" your last shot with a touch-&-hold on the Review Button
  • Regular, Expanded, Rest & Release and Volume + Hardware shutter release options
  • Tap to Focus, Touch-&-Hold for Focus/Exposure Lock, Double-Tap for Auto Focus/Exposure
  • Extended Flash support with "LAMP" mode
  • Standard EXIF with custom Artist Credit entry
  • Export your photos to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and email
Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later, Huemore is available now in the App Store for $1.99. And for your black-and-white iPhoneography needs, you can also get Hueless in the App Store for the same price. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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