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Messenger For BB Is Yet Another Scam App

Messenger For BB Is Yet Another Scam App

March 26, 2013
Another day, and yet another scam app has appeared in the App Store. Messenger for BB from Andrew Ames claims to give iPhone users the ability to use BlackBerry Messenger from an iPhone or iPad. One small problem. The $0.99 app is fake, and the description is a blatant lie:
Message your Blackberry friends via their BBM pins! 

All your friends using BBM? Don't worry about it! Messenger for BB will allow you to chat via BBM from the comfort of your IPhone or iPad!

 Create contacts, send messages in a familiar chat interface!

 Sync messages across multiple devices, just login with the same account and you're good to go!

 iPhone to BBM messaging at it's best!
All three reviews for the app state that it doesn’t work. While rumors in 2011 claimed that an official BlackBerry Messenger app would be making it way to the App Store, that news was quickly shot down by the company. And that’s the last official word we've heard. Come on App Store review team, how hard is it to catch these kind of scams? Especially when the “developer” says this link is official support for the app. A big thanks goes out to reader Syarifuddin who informed us about the scam.

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