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The Apple TV Receives A Small, Make That Smaller Update

The Apple TV Receives A Small, Make That Smaller Update

March 11, 2013
Apple does release mid-cycle updates to their products, but they come without the fanfare that “special” events provide. The Apple TV has just received one of those updates, according to MacRumors. The Apple TV model now hitting stores includes a new part number: A1469. Previous models included the A1470 part number. So what has changed? The Apple TV includes a slightly smaller A5 chip. This suggests that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the company behind the chip. MacRumors states:
This new A5 found in the tweaked third-generation Apple TV is considerably smaller still, with our measurements putting the chip at just 6 mm by 6 mm.
Although this update is minor, it is a significant one. It contains the first A5 processor not manufactured by Samsung. See also: As The Roku 3 Launches Some Confessions From A Former Apple TV User, and New Job Listing Suggests Apple Is Getting Serious About Apple TV.

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