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Where's Wally? Look No Further Than This New Finance App For iPhone

Where's Wally? Look No Further Than This New Finance App For iPhone

March 20, 2013
A week ago, I reaffirmed my use of DailyCost as my expense tracking app of choice. But now, with the release of Wally, it seems that I may have to switch to a new "smart personal finance" app. To start with, Wally has a really pleasant and easy-to-use interface. To be sure, so does DailyCost. But in my view, Wally looks to be the better organized app. And Wally's interface is able to serve a variety of functions tailored for expense tracking. The app lets you log the details of your expenses: amount, venue, time, category, notes, and photos of receipts. You can do so manually, or just allow Wally to do so automatically with its InstaScan feature. With InstaScan, Wally can scan a receipt and capture the relevant details. Effectively, the scanned receipt is saved as well. InstaScan is quite promising. But I'm yet to scan a receipt and have all the details captured and entered properly. Perhaps this feature needs a little more fine-tuning. When logging your expenses, Wally also encourages you to add "aspects" to them. Simply put, aspects indicate the "why" of your expenses. For example, you may categorize your taxi fare under "Transport." But you may also specify an aspect to it, whether it's for "personal," "work," or "family" reasons. Wally also enables you to get insights on your expenses through its automatically generated charts and graphs. It also allows you to back up and export your data via iCloud and CSV email. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 5.0 or later, Wally is available now in the App Store for free. As for the app's privacy considerations, Wally is said to be 100 percent secure. According to the app's privacy policy, none of your personal data is saved on Wally's servers. But your scanned receipts and their OCR results are temporarily and anonymously stored for the improvement of Wally's recognition engine. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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