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A Walk Down Memory Lane: Six iPhones, Six Years

A Walk Down Memory Lane: Six iPhones, Six Years

April 12, 2013
Believe it or not, but the next iPhone will be the seventh for Apple. Through the years, the company’s top-selling product has changed a lot, or has it? Take a look at this new “Apple iPhone evolution” video, courtesy of CNET.

After viewing the video, I can’t believe that I spent $600 on the original iPhone, which came without an App Store.  I also believe that the iPhone 4 remains Apple's most revolutionary model to date. Of course, we all have our favorite models. My favorite model has never changed through the years. It remains the most current model! The so-called "iPhone 5S' is likely to launch later this year. See also: The iPhone 5 Could Become Apple's Next 'New' iPad And Disappear Sooner Not Later, and Analyst Predicts Multiple Sizes For Next Generation Of iPhone.

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