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Ahoy Matey! Spelling Pirate Is A Fun And Swashbuckling Educational Adventure

Ahoy Matey! Spelling Pirate Is A Fun And Swashbuckling Educational Adventure

April 29, 2013
As a parent to a kindergartner, this school year has focused on improving both her spelling and reading skills. And I’ve come across a fun app that should keep kids entertained while helping them become better spellers. Spelling Pirate, from developer Asiaprice Financial Application Limited, not surprisingly combines spelling and pirates for a fun and swashbuckling adventure. When starting the app, kids are given a picture of an object and the word with one letter missing. Kids can choose from one of three letters to correctly spell the word. For each correctly spelled word, kids get coins that they can spend to purchase some fun animals for their collection. While it might look fun for younger children, the words, even on the easiest levels, are pretty complex. So I think children older than five would get the most out of the app. Even though the spelling part does a nice job, the collection of animals isn’t exactly a lot of fun. Kids can look at their purchased companions walking up and down a street, but that's it. I think the addition of some interactive elements would definitely help to improve that part of the app. Designed only for the iPad/iPad mini, Spelling Pirate can be downloaded in the App Store now for $0.99. While it’s far from the definitive educational app, I think it does a nice job of helping older children hone their spelling skills. [gallery link="file"]

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