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Ballpark Weather For iPhone Can Help You Avoid A Weather-Based Strikeout

Ballpark Weather For iPhone Can Help You Avoid A Weather-Based Strikeout

April 19, 2013
Ballpark Weather, a new $0.99 app for the iPhone and iPod touch, provides detailed and up to date weather information for ballparks throughout the United States. Baseball season is now well upon us, and as such Ballpark Weather can ensure that you dress appropriately when heading out to watch a game. The app, which sources its data from the RainAware application, provides detailed ballpark weather analysis in the form of radar images, sunset times, and extended forecasts. As outlined in the app's release notes, features of Ballpark Weather include:
  • Easily see which games are raining now, which will be raining soon, and which might be raining in the future.
  • Integrated rain timer counts down the minutes until rain arrives or departs.
  • See latest radar image for today’s games with your location plotted and a cone showing direction of movement.
  • See which games have winds blowing in or out, possibly enhancing home run frequency.
  • Save your favorite team for quick access.
  • Sun in your eyes? See what time it will set.
  • Get a major edge in fantasy baseball.
Ballpark Weather is optimized for the iPhone 5, and is compatible with iOS 4.3 and above. As mentioned, the application can be yours for just $0.99. Take a look at Ballpark Weather now, or for more information check out our gallery of screenshots below. [gallery columns="4"]

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