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Crank Your iPhone Back To Life With The Man-Powered Crankerator

Crank Your iPhone Back To Life With The Man-Powered Crankerator

April 16, 2013
If you're looking for a portable iPhone battery charger, consider the Crankerator. For $60, customers get a chargeable battery pack that can inject a lot of extra life into your smartphone or tablet. But that's not all. The Crankerator is also fitted with a power-generating crank handle, meaning users can charge their iPhone back to maximum capacity anytime, anywhere. As outlined in the Crankerator's product description, in the Photojojo Store:
It's a tiny brick of extra energy for your phone or tablet. Charge it by plugging into a wall, or just crank that Soulja Boy handle. A fully charged Crankerator will fully charge most smart phones, so you can take twice the photos! It includes a micro USB cable so you can charge it up, via your computer or wall socket, before you hit the road.
The Crankerator "works great" with the iPhone 3GS onwards, the fourth- and fifth-gen iPod touch, and all iPads (including the mini). Plus, with dimensions of just 1 x 2.2 x 5 inches, the Crankerator is a pocket-sized piece of equipment. If you're interested, you can purchase a Crankerator of your own for $60 online (the price includes free shipping for U.S. orders). Or, for alternative iPhone battery packs, consider the following: CES 2013: Double Your Battery Life With The uNu iPhone 5 Battery Case, and The PowerSkin Battery Case May Be Your iPhone's Favorite Second Skin.