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Going Rogue: The Next iPhone Could Make The Samsung Galaxy S IV Look Like A Turtle

Going Rogue: The Next iPhone Could Make The Samsung Galaxy S IV Look Like A Turtle

April 8, 2013
Apple is expected to begin production on their next handset, the iPhone 5S/iPhone 6, this month. The seventh generation handset could offer much improved graphic performance with battery life enhancements, according to Computerworld. The report suggests that the next iPhone will include a processor that uses Imagination Technology’s Series6 GPU cores, or Rogue. With these, "Apple's processor engineers can deliver high performance chips that remain miserly on battery life." The Series6 technology includes:
  • These chips support up to 8Kx8K display resolution.
  • The high-end core (G6630) offers six shader clusters alongside performance and power optimizations.
  • The new entry-level G6100 chips offers one shader cluster along with a pixel texturing unit.
  • Series6 GPU's are fully compatible with Series5 and Series5XT GPUs, which should ensure a smooth migration path for developers upgrading apps.
Take a look at this demo:

Were Apple to adopt this technology, it would be considered a “slap against Samsung.” Cupertino’s biggest competitor is only now adopting Imagination’s Series5 GPU with the Galaxy S IV. According to Imagination, Series6 devices could reach the market by the third quarter of 2013. This so happens to be when Apple is likely to announce the next iPhone. For more information, see: Report: Apple To Begin Production Of Next-Generation iPhone In Second Quarter, and We Will Probably Still See iOS 7 In June, But The Next iPhone Is Another Story.

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