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Jony Ive Named One Of Time's 100 Most Influential People

Jony Ive Named One Of Time's 100 Most Influential People

April 19, 2013
Sir Jonathan "Jony" Ive has been named one of Time's "100 most influential people in the world." The list features profiles of figures as diverse as Jay Z, Kate Middleton, and President Barack Obama. Time's entry on Jony Ive was penned by U2's Bono, who has collaborated with Apple numerous times over the years and is even said to have inspired the "Artists" tab's silhouette image in the iOS Music app. Bono writes of Ive:
Jony Ive is himself classic Apple. Brushed steel, polished glass hardware, complicated software honed to simplicity. His genius is not just his ability to see what others cannot but also how he applies it. To watch him with his workmates in the holy of holies, Apple’s design lab, or on a night out is to observe a very rare esprit de corps. They love their boss, and he loves them.
For the full entry on Ive, along with profiles of the 99 other influential people hand picked by Time, click this link. Our most recent articles on Apple's Jony Ive include: Jony Ive Leaves His Mark As Skeuomorphism Concept Vanishes From One App, Jony Ive: Apple's Attention To Detail Extends To The Naming Of New Products, and Apple's Tim Cook Discusses Jony Ive, Apple's Future And Even Prozac At Conference.

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