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Keep Track Of Your Micro-Expenses With Cents

Keep Track Of Your Micro-Expenses With Cents

April 19, 2013
A new iPhone app called Cents makes it easier than ever to keep track of day to day "micro-expenses." The application includes customizable buttons for common purchases, such as one's daily newspaper, train tickets, or lunch, and provides an elegant analysis of the user's spending that can be viewed by week or month. Most importantly, Cents has a simple, attractive design, allowing users to embark upon a hassle-free approach towards monitoring and controlling daily spending. A complete list of features is provided in the application's release notes:
  • Just tap on the preset buttons for all your usual purchases
  • Elegant icons for lunch, newspaper, train ticket, drinks, and more
  • All 8 buttons can be customized for your most frequent expenses
  • There's a button to record one-time expenses too
  • View your spending by week or by month
  • Intuitive statistics for previous months
  • Scroll the receipt to see a list of recent expenses
  • Was that martini on the house? Remove expenses with a couple taps
  • Not a fan of pennies? Cents also knows $ ₵ € £ ¥ ฿ ﷼ ₹
Cents is free to download and use, although it comes with a monthly transaction limit of 15. This can be removed, however, for an in-app purchase of $1.99, thereby effectively allowing users to try the app before they buy it. If you want to start keeping track of your day to day micro-expenses, consider downloading Cents. This simple, elegant application could be exactly what you're looking for.

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