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Finding Your Favorite TV Episodes With Netflix Just Got Easier

The folks over at Netflix have released a new app update to begin the week. Netflix 4.0 includes a new episode selector tool on the iPad. It also includes a redesigned audio and subtitle selector tool across all iOS devices. To see the new episode tool, one must already be watching a television show. From there, click on the episode icon at the top right to activate a pull-down menu. On this menu a user will see a listing of additional episodes, by season. Each includes the episode's title and synopsis, and a play button. The menu also includes a "seasons" button when the series has more than one season available on Netflix. Netflix 4.0 The new audio and subtitle selector tool button sits alongside the one for the episode guide. Here a user can make setting changes using a checkbox system. The universal Netflix app is available in the App Store. See also: Netflix 3.0 Brings Player UI Enhancements, The Better To Watch 'House Of Cards' With, and Apple Should Embrace Netflix's Latest Move And Make It Their Own.
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