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Production Of The iPhone 5S May Be Delayed Because Of Fingerprint Sensor Issues

Production Of The iPhone 5S May Be Delayed Because Of Fingerprint Sensor Issues

April 22, 2013
Issues with the fingerprint sensor of the next-generation iPhone may delay the beginning of its mass production. According to Reuters, suppliers originally believed production would be ramped up starting in June. But that has apparently changed:
That date may have begun to slip beyond June, the sources said. The phone, widely referred to as the iPhone 5S, is expected to include new features such as a fingerprint sensor. A supply chain source in Taiwan said Apple was trying to find a coating material that did not interfere with the fingerprint sensor, and this may be causing a delay.
The story, which mainly focuses on Apple supplier unease, also mentioned the rumored low-cost iPhone:
In addition to the 5S, suppliers say Apple is also developing a cheaper model, which can appeal to lower-income buyers in growth markets such as China and India. A supplier source in Japan told Reuters small-scale production of display panels will begin in May, ramping up to mass production in June. Both phones will use the same 4-inch screen, but the cheaper version will probably not include the new fingerprint technology and sport a cheaper plastic casing, the sources said.
Just last week, we reported that Foxconn has begun to hire additional employees for the production of the so-called iPhone 5S. But I’d rather see Apple take its time and get the handset right. A recent rumor also pegged the new phone to have a 12-megapixel camera and improved low-light shooting capabilities.

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