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Rolomotion Can Turn An iPhone And Apple TV Into A Nintendo Wii

Rolomotion Can Turn An iPhone And Apple TV Into A Nintendo Wii

April 20, 2013
Rolocule Games, an India-based company, has developed a technology called "Rolomotion," which effectively allows users to turn an Apple TV and an iPhone, or iPod touch, into a Nintendo Wii-like gaming system. Essentially, Rolomotion can be embedded within an iPhone app, and can track the owner's movement using the handset's accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope, much in the same way a Wii remote can tell in which direction a player's hands and arms are moving during gameplay. However, by pairing a Rolomotion-powered application with an Apple TV, and streaming the app's content via AirPlay, users can focus on their television set while playing the game and may use the iPhone or iPod touch as a motion-aware controller. The result of such a setup, as demonstrated in the below video, is impressive:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

Speaking with Cult of Mac, Rolocule co-founder Anuj Tandon explained that "unlike other motion gaming consoles, there is no need for extra sensory and gaming hardware," and this is precisely why Rolomotion is such a promising technology. Apparently Apple is impressed, too, and the company is said to have seen a Rolomotion prototype application in action.

Motion Tennis, Rolocule's first Rolomotion-powered app, is expected to launch in the App Store in May. For beta tester invites, however, be sure to sign up over at Rolomotion's dedicated website.

We'll let you know once Rolomotion appears on the App Store scene.