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Spotify Takes Over The YouTube Home Page As Apple Looks Likely To Join The Fray

Want some confirmation that Apple could be about to release an iRadio streaming music service? Consider just how aggressive Spotify USA has become in recent weeks in terms of advertising spending. Earlier this week, the streaming music service spent $400,000 to take over YouTube’s home page for a day. The advertisement was actually an 18-minute video about the band Phoenix. However, Spotify didn’t just drop the entire video at one time. Instead, users had to revisit YouTube throughout the day to experience the full documentary. This was part of a new $10 million "For Music" advertising campaign, which included the first Spotify television ads in the history of the company. [caption id="attachment_400817" align="aligncenter" width="563"]Spotify Spotify[/caption] The streaming music space seems to be changing monthly. In addition to Apple, which is expected to launch their long-rumored iRadio service this June, Google is also expected to join the fray in a few months. Add to this other services such as Rdio, the reimagined MOG, Pandora Radio, and many others, and one can see why Spotify probably chose to spend some cash. Here is Spotify's Phoenix ad:

Spotify, which launched in the U.S. in 2011, is available on iOS devices and through desktop and laptop applications.
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