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Throw A Musical Bash By Simply Streaming Songs For Free With TuneBash

Throw A Musical Bash By Simply Streaming Songs For Free With TuneBash

April 2, 2013
For many of us iDevice-toting music lovers, subscription-based music streaming apps such as Spotify and Rdio have become indispensable. Unfortunately, such apps are available in select countries only and, as a result, many other iDevice-toting music lovers are unable to enjoy them as well. Fortunately, though, there are also music streaming apps for iOS that are not subscription-based and are widely available. One of these is the newly released TuneBash. TuneBash is an attractively colorful app that lets you stream millions of songs. The app is actually powered by a search engine spider that looks for songs and plays them on demand for you. And if you'd like to own the songs that you love or listen to them as they're performed live by their corresponding artists, TuneBash allows you to on both counts. That's because the app lets you easily buy songs from authorized resellers and purchase tickets for upcoming concerts. Below are TuneBash's key features:
  • Look up any artist, song, or album
  • Stream songs 100% FREE
  • Look up and purchase tickets to concerts from the artist
  • Find concerts near you
  • Listen to and see what friends are listening to
  • Go through the current and popular artists
  • Read the buzz on Twitter about the song or artist
  • Become more informed about the artist
  • Play the songs on Apple TV, Bluetooth sharing, or when running.
  • Invite friends from your contacts and see what they are listening to
  • Send messages amongst friends
  • Post what your listening to on aocial media websites (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Pull artists you already “liked” from Facebook
  • Music streaming
  • Create a custom favorites lists
  • Find people with similar music interest, follow them
  • Recommendations based on your listening pattern
  • Send songs to your friends
Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.1 or later, TuneBash is available now in the App Store for free. An iPad-optimized version of the app is said to be already in the pipeline. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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