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Today's Best Apps: YoWindow, Fangz, Tap Rocket And More

Today's Best Apps: YoWindow, Fangz, Tap Rocket And More

April 17, 2013
The App Store takes delivery of hundreds of new apps per day. The overwhelming scene makes it possible to easily overlook an exciting game, valuable productivity suite, etc. However, we have a solution. Today’s Best Apps tackles this problem by providing you with a handpicked and tested list of apps that are truly worth your consideration each and everyday.


YoWindow by Pavel Repkin ($0.99, 21.2 MB): WIth this visually-focused weather app, it's easy and enjoyable to see what outdoor conditions you are and will be dealing with. Unlike competing apps, the depiction isn't a realistic scene video clip but rather a hand drawn landscape with animations, sounds, as well as an accurate sun and moon position. Also unique is the forecast viewing method. Instead of a gallery or list view of hour-by-hour predictions, you smoothly scroll through the future in a fast-forward-style using a horizontal swipe. The app features five beautiful landscape choices in either landscape and portrait orientation, current conditions and week ahead forecast, support for multiple locations, weather for major cities, and four measurement unit options.


WordWiz by Sofie by Aleksandar Pecanov (Free, 6.8 MB): This well designed word find game may be the last one you ever download. As you should expect, the goal is to locate all of the words within the seemingly chaotic grid of letters as quickly as possible. However, words aren't in a straight line. Instead, letters will need to be linked in various directions, which is more like word creation games. Beyond the endlessly challenging randomly generated puzzles, you can also enjoy competing against or alongside a friend in online matches as well as striving to earn achievements and a top place on the leaderboards via Game Center. The game also contains a dictionary and an ad banner.

Fangz by Alexandre Ribeiro ($0.99, 101.6 MB): Enjoy smashing, blasting, slicing, and otherwise destroying vampires and zombies in this action-packed side-scrolling shooter. Who's the one doing the running and gunning? Poor Frank as he's one of the few left after the invasion of the blood thirsty creatures. Despite his politeness, Frank isn't taking any guff and will create a bloody massacre if necessary. The bad news is that weapons do have limited ammo, except things like bats, of course, plus there's a limit of tim that Frank can be exposed outside. Therefore, efficiency is key. Thankfully, the experience allows Frank to get more fit and handle more potent weapons, but those will still need to be utilized wisely. The game features great and somewhat gory cartoon-style graphics, humorous dialog, 10 level story campaign, survival mode, 17 weapons and four upgradeable skills, easy dual-thumb controls, as well as Game Center and iCloud integration. An HD graphics version is available for those who have devices capable of it, such as Retina display and free storage space.

Tap Rocket by Eye Interactive, Inc. ($0.99, 45.5 MB): In this fast-paced endless runner and flyer, you're an enthusiastic rocket pack equipped man hastily avoiding what appears to be invading aliens. Because of limited fuel and those heartless E.T.s syphoning the small amount you have, the journey will require alternating between sprinting on platforms and blasting over chasms. In addition to making a dash for survival, collect coins to upgrade your equipment. The game features wonderful black and white silhouetted graphics with a small burst of color, single finger control, energizing soundtrack, as well as Game Center and Facebook integration.

Mirror Mixup by Clockwork Pixels ($0.99, 20.5 MB): Push your problem solving capability to its limits with this challenging picture puzzler. Sort of like sliding puzzles, the objective is to restore the image by flipping selective areas vertically or horizontally. If that weren't tough enough, only a limited number of actions are typically allowed and an extremely few at that for anyone who wants "expert" status. The game features a 100 puzzle standard Mixup play mode, 25 puzzle Impossible play mode, and a five difficulty level Random play mode as well as Game Center achievements. A trial version is available.

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