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Unsheathe Your iPhone 5 From Its Scabbard With V-MODA's New Case

Unsheathe Your iPhone 5 From Its Scabbard With V-MODA's New Case

April 24, 2013
One new iPhone 5 case offers protection for your handset while realizing two further aims: To emulate the sound of an unsheathed sword when the smartphone is withdrawn from its case, and to mirror that of a "locking and loading" gun when the iPhone is returned. The accessory in question is V-MODA's METALLO Case for the iPhone 5, a precision engineered metal case that can provide total protection for the smartphone. Though the case itself is a complex creation, allowing users to lock in their handset, to stand it upright, and to reveal the iPhone's camera via a sliding mechanism, as Cult of Mac notes one feature of the METALLO stands out above the rest. Labeled "Tactile Sound Feedback" in the product's online description, V-MODA explains:
  • Tactile Sound Feedback: Precision metal back plates make a sound like unsheathing a sword when removed and locking and loading a gun when installed (listen and see)
How do you like the sound of that? Besides such impressive, albeit slightly nerdy, built in effects, the METALLO includes a number of further features, made possible by the product's so-called "VERZADOCK" system:
  • VERZADOCK Mount: patent-pending VERZADOCK transforms your smartphone into a uni-body mobile hi-fi system and extended battery pack
  • Lock and Load: Innovative sliding lock mechanism ensures your phone stays secure to your VERZADOCK plate
  • Two Back Plate Options: Includes two back plates, one for sleek portable use or VERZADOCK plate such as the extended functionality of the VAMP VERZA
  • Double Protection: Protector skin is included to protect the back of your phone from scratches
  • Camera: When paired with VAMP VERZA, the sliding lock mechanism allows you to use the camera while remaining attached
Each METALLO takes around one hour to forge from a single aluminium block, and so the cases don't come cheap. At the minute, iPhone owners can order one of V-MODA's METALLO cases online for $101.00, and the product comes in four different colors (black, silver, red, and orange). Tempted? Let us know in the comments. For further V-MODA-related articles, see: Enhance Your iPhone's Audio With Some Xcite-ment And Beats By Dr. Dre, and V-MODA Announces $650 Headphone Amplifier For iPhone.

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