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What Would A Wraparound iPhone Display Look Like? We're Hoping Like This

Earlier in the month, Nickolay Lamm from MyVoucherCodes offered a budget iPhone concept that harked back to Apple’s earlier days. Lamm is looking clearly into the future with his latest mockup for an iPhone with a curved display. If this design looks familiar, it should. It is based on a recently published Apple patent design for a wraparound AMOLED display. In an email to AppAdvice, the designer states:
When I first saw the new iPhone patent, it looked too futuristic and I wasn't sure how it would compare against the form factor of the iPhone 5. After making the concept, the patent looks much more feasible and it is something that may be possible for the iPhone 6 or 7.
As you can see, Lamm's design loses the iconic home and volume buttons. And yet, as Apple envisioned in their patent, it gives an “illusion of depth perception (that) can be presented mimicking a 3-D experience.” [caption id="attachment_400305" align="aligncenter" width="609"]Apple's patent application Apple's patent application[/caption] It's highly unlikely that Apple will release a phone that uses this design, at least in 2013. Next year, however, could be a different story. Where do I sign up? See also: There Is A Big Difference Between The Name "iPhone 5S" And "iPhone 6."
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