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Adobe Previews An iPad-Compatible Stylus And Digital Ruler

Adobe is getting into the accessory business. At its MAX 2013 conference today, the company previewed a cloud-enabled stylus and ruler that will be compatible with the iPad. First up, Project Mighty is an Internet-connected, pressure-sensitive stylus that is enhanced with numerous settings and other preferences that are stored in the cloud. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, Adobe showed it working on an iPad with one of its apps. With the Internet connection, users can move from tablet to tablet and their personalized settings will remain the same. The ruler, also known as Project Napoleon, works with the pen to help users draw lines and focus on complex drafting work. Both the pen and ruler will be a major part of helping connect different types of hardware to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Instead of continuing with the popular Creative Suite, Adobe is focusing its energy on cloud-based applications. With the subscription-only model, users can store and access files on a Mac, PC, and even iOS devices. Even though it looks to be a while before the final versions of both products ever hit the market, I think Adobe has a great chance to disrupt the accessory market and continue to make the iPad a content creation tool. If you’re interested in getting more information about both accessories, you can sign up on Adobe’s site.
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