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Apple iOS Devices Continue To Be Worth More Than A Tiffany Diamond Ring

Apple iOS Devices Continue To Be Worth More Than A Tiffany Diamond Ring

May 20, 2013
Apple stores continue to beat all other retailers in terms of sales per square foot. From January through March, the company generated revenue an average of $13 million per location, the highest level for a non-holiday quarter, according to Asymco. For the quarter, Apple retail stores saw foot traffic increase 7 percent, to an average of 250,000 per store per quarter. In total, sales per visitor increased to $57.60. Three years ago, an average of 170,000 visited an Apple retail store each quarter. According to the report:
The reason for this might be the increase in floor space of newer stores and the renovation of older stores. The new store throughput rate might be an upper bound due to fire regulations.
Apple’s sales per square foot are double that of jeweler Tiffany & Co., the second best retailer, and three times that of lululemon athletica, the third best retailer.

To date, there are nearly 400 Apple retail stores around the world. During the previous quarter, Apple welcomed 121 million visitors to these locations. For a full list of Apple retail store locations, click here.

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