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AT&T Offering Free iPhone 5 Handset With iPhone 4S Trade-In?

AT&T Offering Free iPhone 5 Handset With iPhone 4S Trade-In?

May 16, 2013
With both Verizon and T-Mobile making it easier for subscribers to purchase an iPhone 5 handset, AT&T appears to have joined the club. According to a recent report from AppleInsider, the No. 2 U.S. carrier recently sent an email to select subscribers offering free iPhone 5 handsets when both an iPhone 4S is traded in, and customers sign-up for a two-year contract with the network. The website explains:
According to an email received by AppleInsider reader Ryan, AT&T is offering up to $200 for used iPhone 4S handsets, which customers can put toward the cost of a new iPhone 5. Currently, the telecom is pricing the 16GB version of Apple's latest handset at $199 with a two-year contract.
While the email, pictured above, of course can not be verified, AppleInsider also draws attention to the message's fine print: "For $200 trade-in value, iPhone 4S must be 3 yrs old or newer & in good & working condition." Since Apple launched the fifth-generation iPhone 4S smartphone in 2011, it could be that this offer has been auto-generated from a template The email continues:
Limited time offer subject to change at any time. Offer only available in AT&T owned stores. iPhone 5 16GB Offer: Applies to iPhone 16 GB priced at $199.99 w/new 2-yr agreement w/voice (min $39.99/mo) & data (min $20/mo) plans or Mobile Share plan (min $85/mo). Free after using $200 AT&T Promotion Card received with eligible trade-in.
Recently, Verizon announced new $99 iPhone 5 handset pricing for select customers who have not yet made the transition from basic handset to smartphone, and T-Mobile launched an iPhone trade-in program back in April. Have you received the above email? Let us know. In the meantime, see: Rovio Teams Up With Sony For Angry Birds Movie, Scheduled For A July 2016 ReleaseVerizon Offers iPhone 5 For $99, But There's A Big Catch, and Watch Out For The New Narrow Paths And Spinning Saw Blades In Temple Run 2.

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