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Doctors Love Their iOS Devices, According To A Recent Survey

Doctors Love Their iOS Devices, According To A Recent Survey

May 31, 2013
According to a recent survey, the iPad will play a big part as the medical field continues the shift to electronic health records. The survey, conducted by healthcare IT analysis firm Black Book Rankings, said 68 percent of polled doctors and practices use iPhones. Fifty-eight percent use iPads or other tablets. Doctors are also interested in using mobile devices for EHRs as 83 percent surveyed said they would immediately use mobile EHR functions to do things like update patient charts, check labs, and order medications immediately if their current system had the capability. Currently, only 8 percent use the functionality. And according to the survey, vendors are taking notice:
122 vendors responded to Black Book that they will introduce fully functional mobile access and/or iPad native versions of their EHR products by the end of 2013. Another 135 EHR product vendors claim to have mobile applications on their near strategic horizons.
In a previous survey by Black Book Rankings, a group of hospital CIOs said mobile applications were one of the top technology urgencies as healthcare looks to streamline operations and save money. Have you seen a doctor using an iPad while checking on patients? Hopefully, they’ll leave the Smart Cover at home. If you’re interested in finding out about current medical apps for the iPad, check out our comprehensive AppList.

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