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Draw Team Brings Together Social Gaming On The iPad And Apple TV

Draw Team Brings Together Social Gaming On The iPad And Apple TV

May 31, 2013
New to the App Store, Draw Team does a great job of showing how the iPad and Apple TV can be used in tandem to create a very nice gaming platform. As the name suggests, the app is a social party drawing game. Up to nine people can play at one time. But if you’ve got a really big group, you can give the team mode a try that will accommodate an unlimited amount of players. Using AirPlay to mirror the iPad’s screen on a television, Draw Team plays much like a modern version of Pictionary or other classic word guessing games. One player must draw a secret mystery word that appears on the iPad and the television screen at the same time. Other players must correctly guess the word to earn points. Funny drawings can be shared with other people not in the room via email or other social networking sites. Here’s a quick video that shows the game in action. Click here if you can’t see it. Developer Christian Lee said he wanted to bring a truly social gaming experience to iOS devices.
“My friends and I have always been huge board game fans, and I saw the opportunity to bring real social interaction to an iOS game with the current Apple platforms,” Lee said. “I wanted to remind people of the true meaning of ‘social’, and create as much laughter as possible in the process.”
Draw Team is designed for the iPad/iPad mini and can be downloaded in the App Store now for free. In-app purchases are available for snagging additional word packs tailored to a specific skill level or category, like Kids, Difficult, and Movies. I’m interested to try out Draw Team soon for a family game night. While Lee said it can still be played without an Apple TV, I think seeing a drawing on a big television screen helps to make the experience. [gallery link="file"]

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