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Google's Android Powers 59.5 Percent Of All 'Smart Mobile Devices'

Google's Android Powers 59.5 Percent Of All 'Smart Mobile Devices'

May 10, 2013
Google's Android operating system powers an impressive 59.5 percent of all "smart mobile devices" sold in the first fiscal quarter of 2013, according to recent data from Canalys. Apple's iOS, however, presently holds 19.3 percent of this market, yet nevertheless saw a quarterly increase. The smart mobile device market, which includes smartphones, tablets, and laptops, grew to 308.7 million users by the end of 2013's first quarter, and saw a yearly increase of 37.4 percent. Out of the three smart devices, tablets enjoyed the most impressive increase, with a 106.1 percent year-on-year rise resulting in 41.9 million units shipped during the quarter. Apple presently dominates the tablet market, with the iPad taking 46.4 percent of the global share. Despite this, however, Android's popularity as a smartphone operating system is nevertheless significant. Google's mobile OS is shown to power 75.6 percent of the quarter's total smartphone shipments (which clocked in at 216.3 million units), and as such, Canalys estimates that in total, Android runs on 59.5 percent of all smartphones, tablets, and laptops sold in the first fiscal quarter of 2013. Furthermore, laptop shipments reached 50.5 million - a 13.1 percent drop from 2012's first quarter, which no doubt arose in part due to the continuing rise of the tablet. To recap, here's a breakdown of the figures:
  • 308.7 million smart mobile device users.
  • 37.4 percent year-on-year increase for smart mobile devices.
  • 59.5 percent powered by Android.
  • 19.3 percent powered by iOS.
  • 106.1 percent year-on-year increase for tablets.
  • 41.9 million tablets shipped during the first quarter.
  • 46.4 percent of the tablet market is controlled by Apple.
  • 216.3 million smartphones shipped in the same quarter.
  • 75.6 percent of the quarter's smartphones were powered by Android.
  • 50.5 million laptops shipped - down 13.1 percent from last year.
It's clear that Apple needs to introduce a low-cost iPhone in order to secure a higher percentage of the smartphone market share. The availability of less expensive Android-powered handsets is going to be a continual issue until the Cupertino, Calif. company launches a more affordable iOS-powered smartphone of its own. Rumors, however, indicate that such a "budget" iPhone could launch later this year. We'll keep you updated with further news concerning Apple's movements. In the meantime, see: Smart Cover-Equipped iPads Can Shut Off Implanted DefibrillatorsApple Wins "iBooks" Trademark Lawsuit, Will Continue To Use The Name, and Amazon Could Launch Two Kindle Phones Plus A New Streaming Music Device.

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