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Help Kickstart Mutator, An Accessory That Mutes Your iPhone With A Twist

Like you yourself, filmmaker Ron Adair doesn't want you to be that guy. You know, that guy whose iPhone makes a noise while in a meeting, in class, at church, at the movies, or in any similar silence-is-imperative scenario. So, Adair has created Mutator, a low-key accessory that globally mutes your iPhone. As noted by MacStories, Mutator is "a simple little pyramid that plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack, silencing all but the most important notifications like alarms." You're probably thinking, "But isn't that what the iPhone's mute switch is for?" Well, not really. The mute switch actually silences the device's ringer only. It is not a global mute switch. As such, it still allows alarms, games, audio and video apps, and even Siri to make their respective sounds. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Mutator, on the other hand, is designed to mute, games, audio and video apps, and Siri as well as the iPhone's ringer. Note, though, that the accessory also doesn't mute your set alarms, lest you fail to wake up early for an important engagement. Note, also, that you need not remove Mutator in order to restore sound on the things that it mutes. Just give it a twist, and silent mode is toggled accordingly. Mutator is currently in development and Adair is counting on Kickstarter to make it publicly available. Mutator has a relatively small Kickstarter goal of $24,000, which it needs to reach by June 23 in order for it to be funded. At the moment, it still has slots for early backers who wish to pledge at least $13. If you opt to be one of these backers, you're entitled to receive your very own Mutator once it's successfully launched in October.