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Updated: Hipstamatic Oggl Is Becoming A Headache For Instagram Users

Updated: Hipstamatic Oggl Is Becoming A Headache For Instagram Users

May 15, 2013
It looks like trouble is brewing for the new Hipstamatic Oggl app. After receiving tips from users, we can now confirm that there is a serious problem with the photo-sharing app, at least as it relates to sharing content on Facebook’s Instagram. Currently available by invitation only, Oggl is Hipstamatic's attempt at creating a new online community of photographers that they hope will successfully take on market leader Instagram. The app also allows users to post photos on other services -- Instagram being one of them. This, is where the problem lies. We have identified and confirmed one issue that occurs when a Hipstamatic Oggl user posts a photo to Instagram using the app. Somewhere during the exchange, a user loses the ability to follow people on Instagram. As a result, clicking on the "follow" button next to a user will do nothing. The same goes were you to accidently unfollow a user and then attempt to follow them again. We have also heard reports that Hipstamatic Oggl is disabling the use of Instagram hashtags. However, we have not been able to confirm this, nor have we been able to duplicate it. Finally, it should be noted that we tried to resolve the “follow” issue by deleting both apps from our iPhone. This did not correct the problem. Update: Since publication, we heard back from Hipstamatic regarding this issue. They confirmed that this is a bug, and that they are in touch with Instagram. They hope to get the issue resolved "as soon as possible." In the meantime, it is probably wise for Hipstamatic Oggl users to refrain from posting photos to Instagram at this time. For more information on Hipstamatic Oggl, please see our review.

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