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Microsoft Uses iOS To Promote Internet Explorer

Twitter’s popular video-sharing app, Vine, is part of the wave of the future of advertising. Just like the text based social networking site, companies have found a way to market to us without having to pay advertising fees. The Verge is reporting that Microsoft recently launched three micro commercials on Vine that are sure to make you think about upgrading your Web browser. The “vines” show Microsoft’s older version of Internet Explorer, called IE Sr., cajoling with a younger, more modern version, called IE 10. In the first clip, the two are celebrating the fact that IE 10 has been “adopted.” The second shows how much more responsive the younger version is by having the felt-made duo flip from landscape to portrait mode. In the third clip, IE Sr. is confronting IE 10 for his use of HTML 5, something that the elder browser does not support. Vine is only available for iOS, so it is interesting to note that Microsoft is using a rival company to promote its browser. Internet Explorer isn’t even available for iOS. However, it makes sense that Microsoft would use Vine to promote. After all, a six second commercial that doesn’t cost any money in advertising fees is a smart marketing move. Check out the vines from Microsoft below. Click here, here, and here if you can't see the clips.
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