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PureShot App For iPhone Is Like A Filter Free Zone For Your Photographs

PureShot App For iPhone Is Like A Filter Free Zone For Your Photographs

May 13, 2013
PureShot, the no-nonsense camera app, has received a significant new update. Version 2.0 includes a number of new tools and performance enhancements. First released in January, PureShot allows iPhone users to take photographs without the use of filters. If this sounds to you like old school given the popularity of apps like Instagram, you’d be correct. According to creator, Pureshot is about capturing digital photographs “with the highest possible technical integrity.” As a result, no actual image processing takes place in-app. Users can select from three image qualities, including Hi-Quality JPEG, MAX-Quality JPEG, and dRAW TIFF. Other features include:
  • A choice of standard multi-zone or (positionable) spot-metering
  • Configurable tap-to-focus. Set-and-lock, or simply define the point-of-interest
  • Standard 4:3, square 1:1 or 35mm 3:2 image ratio
  • Choice of single shot, 3-shot burst or 3-shot exposure bracket
  • A "soft" shutter release button that can be configured just how you want it to be
  • Comprehensive on-screen information
  • Real-time ISO, shutter-speed and comprehensive GPS readouts, with optional Ev100, Dynamic Ev, luminance or illuminance reading
  • A choice of four real-time histogram options
  • Night mode, for real extended shutter speeds of up to 1 sec
  • Quality-optimized 6X digital zoom
  • Dynamic interface for iPhone and iPod touch with 3.5-inch display allows for maximum viewfinder size
  • Direct integration with other apps, including Dropbox and image editors
  • A comprehensive in-app User Guide
PureShot 2.0 includes the following updated features:
  • The menu system has been redesigned for greater speed
  • New background saving hugely extends the shot buffer
  • New 3-shot burst and 3-shot exposure bracket options
  • Maximize viewfinder for iPhone and iPod touch with 3.5-inch screens
  • Loads of performance and efficiency tweaks
The $1.99 app is available now in the App Store. [gallery]

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